Bufo Alvarius- The Underground Secret

A Past event hosted By Australian Psychedelic Society- Sydney

The Australian Psychedelic Society hosted an event for the The film ‘Bufo Alvarius; The Underground Secret’, it was a captivating journey documenting the transformative effects of the compound 5-MeO-DMT from the venom of the B. Alvarius toad upon a group of Czech explorers. The participant interviews are superbly complimented by the extensive wisdom of Stanislov Grof, a haunting soundtrack and exquisite graphic representations, offering a thorough demonstration of just how powerful this substance and accompanying ritual can be.

Sebastian Job’s presentation expanded on the film’s themes, delving into the rising popularity of 5-MeO-DMT/Toad Venom by applying a conceptual framework that explored the various tangents of interpretation that arise from, and are brought to the profundity of this experience. Using a rubric of sorts, Sebastian aligned Panglossian philosophy, Western approaches to ‘non-duality’ with key paradigms in which responses to this “existential truth event” tend to fall and are understood. Using these perspectives, Sebastian also explored the significance and implications of such revelatory immersions on humanity’s future, looking at the role of spiritual gnosis, the paradoxical nature of articulating the divine and the potential of such entheogenic compounds as catalysts, agents of change and pedagogical tools. This event provided a wonderful insight into a fascinating compound.

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