MDMA for Social Anxiety in Autistic Adults

Dr Dean Wright

The team at MAPS, lead by Alicia Danforth, have published a randomized, controlled, pilot study using MDMA-assisted psychotherapy to treat social anxiety in autistic adults.

There was a signiificant reduction in Anxiety levels after the treatment, which remained low 6 months after the final therapy session.

This difference was found to have a large effect size.

Overall, this is a promising pilot study which needs further replication with larger trials.

Read the full study here.  

Change over time in LSAS total scores (MDMA n = 8 at baseline, n = 7 at all other time points; placebo n = 4). The primary endpoint occurred 1 month after the second experimental session. The 6- month follow-up visit was 6 months after the primary endpoint. The MDMA group had a greater mean change from baseline than the placebo group at the primary endpoint (P = 0.037) and at the 6-month follow-up (P = 0.036). The line at LSAS score of 60 represents inclusion criteria minimum score
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