Mushroom Day, Belgrave, VIC

Above: The APS crew brandish their banner underneath the new mushroom art sculpture at Belgrave.
Mushroom Day with the APS

The APS held its annual Mushroom day event at Sooki Lounge in Belgrave on the 12th July.

Mycologist, Beau Meister, educated us about the psilocybin mushrooms of Victoria. Find his slides here.

Mycologist, Caine Barlow gave a workshop on how grow your own wood-loving mushrooms at home (legal ones of course!), using agar, cardboard and hessian teks. Follow him on #guerrillamycology.

Nick Wallis and Daniel Witham shared their knowledge and personal insights into the interaction of psilocybin with the law. Find a useful resource here.

Dr Martin Williams and Dr Dean Wright also provided  us with an overview of the current science, looking at the psychedelic state and therapeutic use of psilocybin. Find their slides here.

A special highlight of the day, was the beautiful atmosphere as attendees shared their personal stories in front of an empathetic crowd. We are so grateful for those who shared, and those who listened attentively.

Thank you to everyone who joined us! I’m sorry to everyone who wanted tickets, but missed out. We will be seeking to cater for larger crowds in upcoming events.

Keep an eye out for events on the APS FB page.
Above: Caine Barlow providing a workshop on how to grow (legal) wood-loving mushrooms from home. Find out more at #guerrillamycology.
Above: Dr Martin Williams (PRISM) and Dr Dean Wright discuss the science of psilocybin.
Above: Nick Wallis discussed the intersection of psilocybin with the law.
Above: Beau Meister discusses the various psilocybin mushrooms of Victoria to a packed venue at Sooki Lounge.
Above: Caine Barlow deep in the explanation of the hessian-tek. Find out more at #guerrillamycology
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