The Australian Psychedelic Society is a not-for-profit organisation & registered charity seeking to connect Australia's psychedelic community to benefit, enjoy and contribute to their culture in a safe and supportive environment.

In Review: Dr Bruce Damer- A Visionary Approach for Hope and Action in the Era of Climate Shock

A sweltering Saturday afternoon in fire ravaged New South Wales; a modest cloud of witnesses gently precipitates around the cool inner sanctuary of Rigpa’s ‘Temple on the Park’ in Sydney’s inner west. Cups of cold water refresh us inside as we take our seats in front of the dais, for the proposed ‘audacious two-part romp’ through the liminal borderlands between materialist reductionism and visionary mysticism.

Esketamine Approved by the FDA for Treatment Resistant Depression

Marco Stojanovik Following a review of clinical trial results and consultation with external advisors, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted approval for Spravato to be used in patients with treatment-resistant depression in the United States. Spravato is a nasal spray produced by Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc. that contains esketamine hydrochloride, a chemical mirror to […]

With efforts underway in the US could Australia follow next to decriminalize magic mushrooms?

Marco Stojanovik On June 4th Oakland followed Denver to become the second city in the US to decriminalize psychoactive plants and fungi, including mushrooms, cacti, iboga, and ayahuasca. This means the city’s law enforcement will no longer investigate or prosecute people for their use, sale, and distribution. Now instead, proponents argue that resources can be freed […]

APS @ The Rainbow Serpent Festival

The Australian Psychedelic Society attended the Rainbow Serpent Festival This January the APS crew have been having a good ole time at the Rainbow Serpent Festival. This year we hosted a panel discussion alongside PRISM: Psychedelic Research in Science & Medicine and Mind Medicine Australia. We also hosted a stall where we collected thousands of signatures for […]

The Ethics of Funding Psychedelic Research

Right now, there is a debate occurring within the psychedelic community that is raising some interesting and important questions.  From whom is it appropriate to take money to fund psychedelic research? How do we fund research, yet remain open and ethical? The statement on open science and open praxis was published on Chacruna earlier this year, and […]

Melissa Warner at Beyond Psychedelics

  Melissa, vice-president of the APS, finished up a very successful time at Beyond Psychedelics in Prague last month. Melissa hosted a workshop on the intersection between mindfulness, psychedelics, flow states and creativity. Melissa was also busy networking with other people in the international community. Watch Melissa talk with Dr Matthew Johnson about the relationship […]

Inaugural General Meeting

The Australian Psychedelic Society started off 2017 with a launch at Rainbow Serpent Festival and events nearly every month of the year, ranging from smaller music and speaking events to a movie screening and vibrant panel discussion at the State Library of Victoria. The teams from Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide met up at the recent […]

Austin Psychedelic Society Fundraising Efforts After Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey was one of a series of hurricanes to lap viciously at the southern parts of the United States, the Caribbean and parts of Central America. Many homes and livelihoods have been destroyed. But many are banding together now, to rebuild and face their adversity. The Austin Psychedelic Society have setup a fund to […]