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AWAVENA: a review of the VR award winning collaboration.

AWAVENA goes way beyond trying to simply describe this journey. The work not only distills the message of the divine feminine to its absolute essence in a beautiful, exhilarating way but also encourages the participant to dare to imagine what it is like in the realms of the shamans...

Little Saints: The Sacred Healing History of ‘Magic Mushrooms’

"In the modern West, mushrooms have been popularly viewed as a ‘recreational drug’ this finding may seem surprising. However, psilocybin mushrooms have a long and rich history of use as a sacred medicine. Hallucinogenic mushrooms have been used in indigenous healing ceremonies in Mesoamerica since at least the sixteenth century."

The Life/Integration Matrix: the challenges of psychedelic peak experience digestion in a modern existence

Andy C I’ve been spending a lot of time lately noting how the pace of life, the pace of MY life, makes me feel as though sometimes it speeds by like Wiley Coyote with barely a moment to stop and take in the face melting splendour of it all, before I’m off the cliff again […]