Psychedelics and Connectedness

Dr Dean Wright

A study from 2017 performed a thematic analysis of patients’ experiences of using psilocybin in a therapeutic context.

Within the people who experienced the largest therapeutic effect, the theme of “connection” or “connectedness” was prevalent.. This could be further broken down into connection with the self, others, and the world.

It makes sense that connection is so important if we think about how pervasive a sense of disconnection is in a variety of mental illnesses.

As described in our previous post, the current study has taken data from the psychedelic experiences survey. It is the first to show longitudinally, that there is an increase in both “social connection” and “well being” 2 weeks after taking psychedelics. This data will continue to be compiled over the coming year.

I love that through collaboration and connection in the psychedelic community, this research is able to flourish <3

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