Psychedelics and Creativity

Dr Dean Wright

Creativity is a difficult construct to define within psychological terms. We know it when we see it, but how do we define it?

Within psychology, creativity is commonly defined as the ability to generate ideas, solutions, or products that are both novel and appropriate. Being able to come up with alternative solutions to a problem is one aspect of creativity which is called (flexible) divergent thinking.

It is different from (rigid) convergent thinking which is about finding the best solution to a problem.

The Dutch Psychedelic Society have recently conducted a study at one of their events. During this event, participants took a microdose of psilocybin through the consumption of truffles. Participants then underwent a task to measure creativity.

Firstly, how awesome that the Dutch Psychedelic Society was able to complete and publish such research! Secondly, it was found that both convergent and divergent thinking was improved after a microdose.

A second article published by Kuypers, has proposed a neuroscientific explanation for how psychedelics can increase creativity. It describes how this may be beneficial for its therapeutic use.

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