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Mystical Experiences on 5-Meo-DMT & Psilocybin

Dr Dean Wright The Griffith Lab of Johns Hopkins, are one of the driving forces behind the current Psychedelic Renaissance. Their initial studies looked at how psilocybin can occasion Mystical Experiences. Mystical experiences are characterised by four primary domains, including:  A sense of unity or profunditypositive mood transcendence of time/spaceineffability  Having a mystical experience seems to […]

The Varieties of Psychedelic Experience

Dr Dean Wright The previous two posts (one and two) sought to identify how the Set of the person influences the psychedelic experience. The current study seeks to understand how the ‘drug‘ affects the psychedelic experience. The authors use the bounty of knowledge available from Erowid. They seek to help establish how different psychedelics influence the subjective effects of […]

Psychedelics and Connectedness

Dr Dean Wright A study from 2017 performed a thematic analysis of patients’ experiences of using psilocybin in a therapeutic context. Within the people who experienced the largest therapeutic effect, the theme of “connection” or “connectedness” was prevalent.. This could be further broken down into connection with the self, others, and the world. It makes sense that […]

Predicting Responses to Psychedelics

Dr Dean Wright You may have read about, or even participated in the Psychedelic Experience Survey, run by the Psychedelic Research Group at the Imperial College, London. This survey was designed to measure the effects of people’s personal use of psychedelics. To do this, participants complete a variety of online questionnaires at various time points, from two […]

Psychedelics and Creativity

Dr Dean Wright Creativity is a difficult construct to define within psychological terms. We know it when we see it, but how do we define it? Within psychology, creativity is commonly defined as the ability to generate ideas, solutions, or products that are both novel and appropriate. Being able to come up with alternative solutions to […]

Changing the ‘Depressed Filter’ using Psilocybin

Dr Dean Wright Within the mental landscape of a person with depression, some commonalities arise. These include persistent negative biases of how that person looks at themselves, and their future prospects. A sense of worthlessness and hopelessness generally arises, leading people to become apathetic and avoid pursuing activities. Within the depressed person, very often these […]

Music and Psychedelics

Dr Dean Wright Recent findings point to the potential of music to support meaning-making, emotionality, and mental imagery after the administration of psychedelics. These studies suggest that music plays an important role in facilitating positive clinical outcomes of psychedelic therapy. Read a review of the literature here: Abstract and Full text. Are you interested to know exactly what […]

Do Psychedelics Take you ‘Higher’?

Dr Dean Wright Melbourne researchers, Tim Bayne and Olivia Carter have published a recent paper exlporing the current evidence of what exactly LSD and Psilocybin do to various domains of consciousness. They focus on the domains of sensory perception, cognitive function, and experiences of unity. They argue that psychedelics do not necessarily induce a “higher” state […]