• Advocate: For the interests of the psychedelic community.
  • Represent: Provide an informed and balanced public voice for the psychedelic community in political and social forums.
  • Engage: Facilitate the creation and delivery of resources to strengthen community education, cohesion and direction with a focus on reducing harms and maximising benefits.
  • Educate: Help to educate the community on evidence-informed effects and best-practice. Seeking to reduce the stigma associated with drugs in the wider community, using an evidence-based approach.
  • Network: provide a hub from which related groups can meet and coordinate, creating greater cohesion and power from which social change can arise.

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October Integration Circle, Melbourne


Integration Circle – Melbourne October 7th, 2pm-5pm Hope st Warehouse, Brunswick Tickets: $10 This is a safe, supportive, understanding and non-judgmental space to share your psychedelic experiences. The session will begin with talks from trained mental health professionals on what integration is, and why it is so important with psychedelic experiences. You will then have […]

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Bufo Alvarius- The Underground Secret


The film ‘Bufo Alvarius; The Underground Secret’ was a captivating journey documenting the transformative effects of the compound 5-MeO-DMT

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Local Network

  • EGA - Entheogenesis Australis
  • Dancewize
  • Enpsychedelia
  • SSDP - Students for Sensible Drug Policy
  • AOD Media Watch