The Australian Psychedelic Society is a not-for-profit organisation & registered charity seeking to connect Australia's psychedelic community to benefit, enjoy and contribute to their culture in a safe and supportive environment.

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  • Advocate: For the interests of the psychedelic community.
  • Represent: Provide an informed and balanced public voice for the psychedelic community in political and social forums.
  • Engage: Facilitate the creation and delivery of resources to strengthen community education, cohesion and direction with a focus on reducing harms and maximising benefits.
  • Educate: Help to educate the community on evidence-informed effects and best-practice. Seeking to reduce the stigma associated with drugs in the wider community, using an evidence-based approach.
  • Network: provide a hub from which related groups can meet and coordinate, creating greater cohesion and power from which social change can arise.

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  • Psychedelics, Psychotherapy and Mysticism

    Psychedelics, Psychotherapy and Mysticism

    Even for non-religious people mystical experiences are often reported as being profoundly spiritual and meaningful. Despite this, mystical experiences have been largely ignored by mainstream psychology and psychiatry. Why has this been the case?Read More »
  • AWAVENA: a review of the VR award winning collaboration.

    AWAVENA: a review of the VR award winning collaboration.

    AWAVENA goes way beyond trying to simply describe this journey. The work not only distills the message of the divine feminine to its absolute essence in a beautiful, exhilarating way but also encourages the participant to dare to imagine what it is like in the realms of the shamans...Read More »
  • Don’t Stress About the Simulation

    Don’t Stress About the Simulation

    "For some, psychedelic or other mystical experiences can unsettle our confidence that reality is as it seems. I’m not here to say that the alternate realities or higher dimensions people perceive during psychedelic experiences actually exist or not. But I am going to argue that there is an important sense in which it doesn’t matter." Read More »

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